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On this site you will find the website: 'All about nettles' and what you can use them for, 'Nettle Soup and other Food Remedies' a fascinating book about wild, foraged and home-grown food, also below is the overall index to, 'Nettle Soup - the ezine', an occasional online publication for people who like a taste of green.

nettle soup

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my website 'nettle soup': is all about nettles and what you can use them for

Strangely, nettles are my favourite plant. Like me, they are extremely useful and have a wealth of things you can do with them. Like me they are a little bit stingy until you handle them properly and find out what delicious and nutritious little creatures they are.

This website is dedicated to some of the human uses for nettles, from invigorating beer, to tasty soup, to rope, clothes, compost, teas and tinctures and cloth dying.

Go nettle soup now...

Nettle soup and other food remedies

ebook: Nettle Soup and other Food Remedies

my enthusiasm for nettle soup led me on to other fresh recipes from the wild, the garden and the larder. Fabulous food is at the heart of a healthy attitude to living and this unique ebook of food remedies brings it to life. With over 200 pictures in colour, you will be like a wizard in the kitchen, brewing up delicious food that nobody even realises is 'medicine'.

At the heart of a preventative medicine, this book will get you salivating at some of the recipes and keen to start growing food and harvesting from the wild.

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nettle soup ezine

'Nettle Soup', the ezine for people who enjoy green things. Please sign up for future issues on the right: I create Nettle Soup ezine for people who like a fresh taste of non-conformity.

It contains 12 sections as illustrated below on key subjects relevant to green living, the transition movement and permaculture. Please enjoy the free issues below and send in comments if you like, which I can add to the articles. Many thanks - simonthescribe.

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nettle soup ezine

simonthescribe runs several websites on green issues which he uses as source material for Nettle Soup. These are: : This site is a publishing platform for my articles themed around permaculture, green living and ecology. On this site you will find his articles, books and ebooks about our relationships with nature and culture. the green scribe writes about green politics, holistic health, wild food and tasty recipes with some fun, frolics and fiction added to the mix. On this site you will find his articles about our relationships with nature and culture and links to some of his publications This site is all about building your own greenhouse, including geodomes or growdomes commercial site promoting web services : commercial site promoting book publishing services