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ctreeI was writing and flagging a bit on a short but sunny winter afternoon in the UK – suddenly a flash of deepest indigo light struck my retinas. It woke my mind and crystallised a thought into writing, a zap of the perfect colour to complete the spell. Was it a pigment of my imagination?

The winter sun had emerged from behind a cloud, slanting in low through the window and illuminating a DVD disk lying open on the desk near me. My eyes were in the indigo zone. From there I started to play and soon the whole desk was covered in open DVD’s and CDs and the walls were awash with spectrum rainbows.

cd rainbows

cd rainbows

Do you have a window that opens onto morning or afternoon sun? Capitalise on these pools of winter, spring or autumn sun in your environment by giving yourself a ‘light bath’ in pure colour. You may even wish to improve your light sensitivity beforehand with a cup or two of Yarrow Tea which is a photosensitising herb.

You know all those old CDs you have lying around: newspaper freebees, ‘get online now’ offers, music CDs you will never listen to again, naff data CDs ? Turn them out and have your own colour, light therapy session.

Make a small carpet out of CDs by running sticky-tape across their front surfaces, and turn them ‘data side up’ into the sun to bounce onto a wall. Note how the direct reflection of light does not take the same angle as split light and arrange the CDs so you can inhabit the coloured light zone and reflect the bright zones away.

Each pure colour can be absorbed by the rods and cones at the back of your eyeballs. Avoid the direct, reflected light and allow your eyes to enter the colour zones. Taste the colours first and see which ones you like, which ones you want to drink. Bathe your eyes in a colour you need – its easy, just pick the one you like and spend a short time there !

Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. ROYGBIV. Remember this and you have RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO and VIOLET, the colours of spectrum in order.

chakra painting courtesy of Dina-Herrmann

chakra painting courtesy of Dina-Herrmann

Now find a route for your eyes through a rainbow of the colours in order and a fluid movement that takes you slowly from from Richard to Vain. Imagine each colour feeding the chakra to which it is associated. Spend a minute opening yourself and your chakras to each colour. Move your new carpet of light around and use it to activate and energise visualisations in your environment.

Now it wasn’t long before I went online and found some colour, and vibrational meditations on YouTube. By the time I had worked through these (below) I was plum tuckered out and nearly the whole afternoon had passed in vibrational colour experiences. Phew.

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