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Magnetic resonance shows acupuncture at work

magnetic resonanceDoctor Kathy Sykes has presented us with scientific proof of how acupuncture and therefore other meridian-based interventions might work. In what can only be described as a ‘breakthrough experiment’, she found visual evidence of an effect of acupuncture on the brain’s limbic system, also known as the mammalian hind brain. Combining on-the-spot acupuncture with an MRI scanner she was able to view and record the direct effect of acupuncture on areas of the limbic brain. Continue reading

Nature’s First Aid Kit

pestleGlobal pharmaceutical companies control our diets and medicines and governments are bringing in more and more legislation to ban many dietary supplements. What better time to get back to the earth and turn out your medicine cabinets in favour of Mother Nature’s healing foods? This is a great time to source our own healing foodstuffs wherever possible? Continue reading

Codex Alimentarius and the EU Directive on Herbal Medicine

matrix animMany people are recognising that new legislation concerning food and health, under the guise of ‘safety’ and ‘harmonisation’, is structured to limit our choices and access to natural foods and alternative medicines.

New drugs are becoming hard for the chemical industries to find – not to mention expensive to develop. So why not just patent nature – take what we have away from us using legislation – and then sell it back to us for profit? After all this is a way capitalism has worked for years. Continue reading