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Resilience, Transition, Sustainability and Field Dependency

butterflyResilience is a key concept in the process of Transition, but like many abstract concepts, it is open to variable interpretation. Its meaning in green or ecological terms develops ideas of self-sufficency at a community level, again both these terms are open to levels of interpretation. Even the abstract concept of ‘transition’ itself has its own field variables – within one field it defines the process of gender shifting – as I found out when er, ‘researching on the internet’. Continue reading

The Wisdom of Compost

butterflyLife can sometimes seem so complex that it is easy to lose touch with the greater picture. In essence our culture has done just this and has foolishly constructed an entire economy and its society on a very foolish precept – that we can continually use our capital assets (the resources of this planet) to create income, by turning them into products and then throwing them into big holes. Continue reading

Twelve Ways to Transcend the Times

heartIts funny how the Green Message is marginalized by many to ‘We’re Doomed’, and its no wonder people just don’t want to listen to the finger wagging Greenies who tell us that we have no future. The guilt is already too much to bear for most people and the consensus seems to be ‘Steady As She Goes’ ‘if we can just get the economy back on track than everything will be just fine’. Our Government, and increasing ourselves, exist to service the National Debt and become full-time bean counters, justifying every action and every moment financially. Continue reading