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This is the News

matrix anim‘News values’ make up the criteria that decides the ‘news’ we see. It is very much a part of our Western democratic way. Our cultural norms have dictated the view of the world we expect and this is reflected in the values of mainstream news, which revolve mainly around qualities of drama, conflict and scenes of visual impact. Continue reading

The Politics of ENERGY

slavery taxWho owns your energy? In the normal course of things our political systems have come to tax us for a percentage of the energy we spend in work through taking money at source. The more successful we are in employment – relating to the economy – the more energy the government of the day can take. Added to this system are local taxes, invisible taxes, stealth taxes, property taxes, inheritance taxes, value added taxes and so on. If we are ’employed’ more and more of our energy goes into feeding a system which is essentially flawed and responsible for the continued devaststion of our planet through pollution – a side effect of this essentially flawed economy. Continue reading

Growth and No Growth

matrix animOne has to question how our great ‘consumer capitalist’ society that has been alive since the end of World War 2 has created a national UK public sector net debt of £1,487.7 billion (80.4% of GDP) as of April 2015, excluding public sector banks (PSND ex). Divided between a UK population of 64.1 million this is around £23,250 of debt for every man woman and child, increasing every year. Surely its time for a bit of a rethink? Presented with this evidence can’t we say that capitlism has failed? Continue reading