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12 food growing spaces to make

monk in garden animThere are many ways to grow food in your own home and garden – even if its tiny. Yes it is way more time consuming than popping down the shops to buy vegetables that have systematically had all their minerals and amino acids removed by mass processing techniques, but it holds its own reward. When you become involved in the life of plants or animals, it opens a window in the universe. Here are a dozen ways to get yourself some food growing space: Continue reading

A £30 DIY greenhouse

icosahedronEver since I learned about Buckminster Fuller at art college, I wanted to experiment with making human-scale geodesics. So, as part of a new project – a book on DIY greenhouses on a budget, I constructed a surprisingly large greenhouse using wild hazel wood and a purchase of £30 worth of Polytunnel sheet, (which is about $50 for my USA readers at time of writing). This article outlines the procedure for building the structure – without too much detail of course – because I want you to buy the book ! Continue reading