Recycle your Christmas Tree

Here we have it: Is it a cup hangar? A banana tree or a tie rack – you decide.

recycle christmas treerecycle christmas treerecycle christmas treeTo make one of these choose your Christmas tree so that it has a good run of healthy size branches sticking out all around it. Then after the ritual yearly sacrifice of the tree, rough cut it to size and leave it to season somewhere you can find it, somewhere reasonably dry outside.

After a year or so the bark comes off quite easily and there is no sticky sap left. With your penknife strip off the bark, trying not to chip into the wood too much. Trim the branches back with a hacksaw and carve notches if you are hanging cups.

You can treat the wood in several ways. Start with sanding and shaping. An initial bleaching lightens the wood and brings out the grain but you will need to let it dry before coating in wax or varnish. Or you could just leave it out to weather more once the bark is off. You can either hang this ‘hanger’ from the ceiling or make a base stand for it.

A perfect bit of recycling !

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