The Politics of ENERGY

slavery taxWho owns your energy? In the normal course of things our political systems have come to tax us for a percentage of the energy we spend in work through taking money at source. The more successful we are in employment – relating to the economy – the more energy the government of the day can take. Added to this system are local taxes, invisible taxes, stealth taxes, property taxes, inheritance taxes, value added taxes and so on. If we are ’employed’ more and more of our energy goes into feeding a system which is essentially flawed and responsible for the continued devaststion of our planet through pollution – a side effect of this essentially flawed economy.

Have you considered in terms of a ‘percentage of energy expressed through paid work’ how much the system itself takes from you? Not only everything we earn but everything we buy, our travel costs, food, clothes, homes, lives – all taxed. 50% (below the tax threshold) would be a conservative guestimate probably more like 60% or 70%. That’s more than half the time at least that we spend in employment to feed a system we don’t like with our energy. No wonder people get ill.

The more our energy is involved with the economy, the more our energy is taxed – taking money for a whole host of things we may not approve of (but hopefully a few things we do). In the world of work we are tied into a system that takes our energy and does things that we don’t like with it . Our success in life is often defined as how well we prosper within this system. And to do that there are certain questions we have to stop asking, such as ‘Where is all this energy going’ or ‘What’s it actually doing’ – ‘What’s the point’?

I personally feel disappointed with a political and economic system that is decreasing personal liberty, lining its own pockets whilst bringing in new ‘austerity measures’ for the rest of us, increasing beaurocracy and taxation and overseeing the systematic destruction of the environment through industrialisation. It seems to spend most of the time just making up more stupid laws that have not been properly thought through and are just short-term, knee jerk reactions to fundamental changes in reality. Force all the unemployed into jobs ? What jobs ?

What if the system itself is the problem? It seems totally screwed up and we seem presently on a conveyor belt to planetary self-destruction. What if you want to get off ?

This is very difficult because we are all investors by default in this system, even just by having a bank account we are damned, tainted by Mammon. In order to feed ourselves physically we have invented money that is held in banks. As soon as we enter this system of promisary notes we are investors by default in slavery, child prostitution, armaments, pharmaceutical industries, deforestation, criminality, and so on – everything that money does.

There are many hypocrisies in being a person with spiritual intent, manifesting at a physical level. I am interested in consciousness shifting / raising, finding an exciting paradigm of energy awareness and holistic health and happiness in my life. I see myself as primarily a spiritual being, manifesting at a physical level, rather than the other way round. I feel that ‘the system’ has always made this life choice as hard as can be. The system itself is a parasite on the human spirit.

The answer was quite straightforward. Take my energy out of ‘the system’ and invest it in things that work. Become energy independent, grow and make rather than buy food and consumables. Invest time in local economies of exchange and barter. Need less, want less, – reduce, recycle, re-use, repair. Simpling down is a great way to go and definately improves the enjoyment of life that money, increasingly, can so rarely buy. In the balance between ‘standard of living’ and ‘quality of life’ – my disinvolvement with the system gives me a great quality of life.

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